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Find the path to your dream career

Finding a Career and How to Do It – Tips and Guides

Finding a career after school can be difficult. What careers are out there? Which career is the best one for you? And how do you begin your career? These questions are difficult, can be overwhelming and may stop you in your tracks up the career ladder.

But you can envision and achieve the job of your dreams.

CareerWaymark.com is filled with advice, tips and guides on hot jobs and how to land them.

Resume Help


Resumes, we all know they’re a necessary evil for any job search. A good resume can be the difference between the same person spending 40 hours a week in a job he hates or spending 40 hours a week in a job he loves. What’s the difference in the resumes? Is it skills, education, or some other qualifications?

Much of the time, the difference between successful resumes and utter failures is due to two factors:

  1. Readability, or understanding the Human Resources mind, and
  2. Marketability, or not selling yourself short.

Improving the readability and the marketability of your resume is possible, and this site contains great, free info on how to do just that.

Career Guides

Career Guides

Career guides are a great way to explore careers and jobs before you have experience in them. In advance, you can decide if the jobs fit your skills and expectations.

You can also use what you learn to research networking opportunities, companies you might like to work for, write better resumes and cover letters, and improve your chances of finding a job you love.

Reading career guides is a great way to invest your time in your future. Take a few minutes and browse the career guides offered on this site. Be sure to leave questions – we’ll get back to you!

Go For It!

Getting on top of the job search process after college can seem difficult, but have faith in yourself. You can create the life you want.

CareerWaymark.com is a site dedicated to providing you with tips, advice and info vital to your professional development.

Browse this site, and take action. A job search can be an exciting opportunity to improve your life.

Start today. Start now.

And be sure to keep in touch!